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Christmas Eve 7pm


      playing in the house early one morning with Pauly

            Mommy left the room for a moment

            P. went to find her

            you know how 2 year-olds, once they’re mobile

                       they don’t walk anywhere – they run

           Pauly tripped and fell and hit his lip on a sharp corner

           when I got to him and picked him up –

                    he looked like  a train wreck

                       his lip was bleeding

           at first he cried a little

               then when he saw the blood

                     (and probably my face)

                          he started really crying, bawling

That’s how it goes sometimes,

            going along, minding your own business, looking for Mommy

              Boom!  you fall down

                and it hurts

                    then there’s blood

                      even Daddy seems scared


many times in scripture, somebody cries out to God

       God “when you cry out, I listen”

              God cannot help but hear the cries

                   God is close to the brokenhearted

There’s a mistaken idea that:

          God is for people who have e it all together

              Christians have it all together

          salvation means I’m perfect

          but scriptures say that we cry out, we don’t have it all together

             I will take on your burden

             I’m not looking for the healthy, I came for the sick


  from Pauly’s perspective

           the hurt is  all he knows

              that is all his reality

  what he doesn’t understand is that I will do anything for him

            take him and pull him close

                hold against my heart

           whisper assurance

             over and over

                  “You’re going to make it.  I love you.”

             I know that I will do anything

                   Did you get hurt?  Are you injured?  Is it not going like you hope?

do you  wonder about God

           how God let you go through that

            how God let you fall down and bust your lip open

                      so you had to take an ambulance ride

            how God allows the hurt?

That’s the time God is closest

              Like Mommy or Daddy holding Pauly close

                  We love you, we’re here

            How either of us would trade places in a minute

                to take on his pain

                 to calm his fear


That’s what it means to think of the birth of Jesus Christ

            (like the song) sweet little Jesus boy

                  we can go on all night, talking theologically about the nativity

                      the miracle of Jesus’ birth , the miracle of Mary

             But this is what it comes down to

                God has visited us in the person of Jesus Christ

                    so that humankind can know the human face of our Lord

                        and the tradition of faith that has continued since

              the ones who knew our Lord face-to-face

                 is the assurance that

                   we are all God’s children

                       each of us, in our own condition

                          we don’t have it all together

                 maybe we look like it

                       or spend a lot of time trying to look like we do

          more likely there is a part of us that feels broken,

               abandoned, confused, angry

On this night, which is full of the spirit of love and joy, anyway

           allow yourself to get caught up in the moment

              imagine yourself as a 2 year-old child

                  you fell and cut your lip

                     it’s bleeding…real bad

                           and it hurts

                    now imagine being taken up by the one who loves you best

                       mommy, daddy, nanny, pop, grandmommy

                          …. you know who it is

                      remember this is the person who would do anything for you

                              trade places with you if they could

                                or hold you close to their heart,

                                   rub your head, hold your hand

                                     and say

                                           it’s okay

                                           I love you

                                           I’m here

So God sent his son, a child of  a woman, a child – born in a barn

         born to take us in and make of us a family

                sent to call us together as a family made complete by his love

                     and has called us to reach out with love and forgiveness

                          so that the world may be changed

                               into a place of peace and love

             And when the task seems too much

                  or we feel alone and confused

                     may God – the Creator of the universe

                        take you up

                             into everlasting arms of love

                                and hold you near to his heart

                                    just as the most loving parent you can imagine

                                          it’s okay

                                          I love you

                                          I’m here

Because there’s no guarantee you won’t fall down

   that you won’t get hurt

             But there is a guarantee that when you do

                    you’ll never fall alone

                         “Behold, I bring you good news of great joy

                          to you a child is born this day …

                         a Savior who is Christ the Lord

                        This will be a sign for you

                          you will find a child wrapped in swaddling clothes

                             and lying in a  manger.”

        May we always remember what it means to be

                the precious child

                       taken up into God’s loving arms

                              And may we always remember

                                   to respond as faithful children

                                      spreading the same good news

                                            to everybody we meet

                                             by the way we live our lives,


                                                So may it be with us.  Amen


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Christmas Eve 7pm

Everybody appreciates a short sermon on Christmas Eve.  Our candle-light service was long on scripture, prayer, and beautiful music (vocal and instrumental); and short on sermon.  After the giving the best we had to offer in worship, fellowship, and praise, there wasn’t much else left to say.



Why are we here?




            To hear favorite old songs


            To greet old friends


            Religious reasons


            Somebody made you –


told you  Santa won’t come if you don’t go to church


Whatever your reason…


            Think about this


            Our Lord Jesus Christ is named Immanuel, which means God is with us


Remember that


            God is with us


            To say “Us” is to claim our part in the human family


                        who were all made in God’s image


Even in uncertain times, scary times, especially in happy times


            God is with us



God is with us


            This night and always


            Whatever your reason for being here…God is with you


            That’s what the light means we will share later


            May all the world know


                        God’s mercy, grace, and peace


So may it be with us.  Amen.


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