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One particularly beautiful day last week 

 I heard a song written by George Harrison, performed by Richie Havens on Pandora (George H. at Concert for Bangladesh)

Always liked this beautiful song 

seems appropriate at a time when summer is arriving 

hot!  Hotter than I like it 

song reminded me of the scripture I just read 

Where God creates the heavens and earth and everything in that is 

And declares that it is good 

where God makes the sun and moon 

And declares that it is good 

Here comes the sun, 

and I say “It’s alright.” 

It is good 

the song also also reminded me that Jesus often called his followers: 

Little children, my beloved, my darlings 

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter 

But don’t forget that I have promised a brighter day 

Little darling, the smile’s returning to your faces 

See, didn’t I tell you it would get better 

Little darling, I feel the ice is slowly melting 

To everything there is a season…follow me 

(sing “Here Comes the Sun”)


Readings from Proverbs 8

A lot to be said and asked about today’s reading from Proverbs 

Complicated: who is this person, Wisdom? 

Another person or divine attribute of God? 

The Bible calls Wisdom a woman, 

Is this God? 

How could she have been present at creation? 

I don’t know the answer to all the theological questions this text raises 

And there may be those who prefer to argue about them 

But I choose to stay with God’s Word 

To see what God is saying to us today 

And leave all those questions 

For the day I can ask God in person 

For now I am willing to accept that Wisdom 

Is a reliable teacher who speaks with authority 

She stands in the most public places, calling out to everyone 

Not a false prophet 

 because her message directs people to God not herself 

this is not what false prophets do 

they are usually aggrandizing or profiting them selves 

She asks nothing of her hearers, 

But that they hear what she says 

And take her instruction which leads to abundant life 

I can tell Wisdom is speaking to me because she addresses me when she says, 

“O simple ones” 

The message here is that when we are able to suspend with the notion that we must fully understand everything before we follow 

Then we will find that God calls on ordinary people 

To live extraordinary lives 

Like Abraham and Sarah, Moses 

And the sons and daughters of  

fishermen and farmers who 

followed Jesus. 

We find in the words of God… 

The Word we find in scripture 

and the Living Word we find in the life and ministry of Jesus 

We find in these the ways of truth and light. 

This (the Bible) is our source 

From which to learn prudence and acquire intelligence 

These are the ways down the path of righteousness 

that shun the ways of pride and arrogance 

which only lead to evil 

These are the ways in which kings and rulers do what is just & right 

In the fruits of wisdom we find treasurers or righteousness & justice 

more enduring wealth than silver and gold 

For the ways of wisdom (also called here “fear of the Lord”) 

Are the ways of life 

Those who follow will find abundant living 

All other ways lead to death, 

Ways that are separate from God 

May we seek out the wisdom and truth found in the Word of God 

With the understanding that it will not make us shiny, happy, 

trophies of people of God 

May our understanding be that this word has been given for the simple 

So that regular people can follow the ways of God 

As taught to us in the scriptures 

And in the love and mercy Christ 

And lead abundant lives 

Not as God’s “trophies” 

But as living reminders of the ways that build up community 

With those whom God has called us to be around 

May we seek God’s wisdom 

And follow in the ways of the Living Word of Christ 

For in these, we will find abundant life. 

So may it be with us.  Amen. 



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