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Deuteronomy 6:1 Now this is the commandment– the statutes and the ordinances– that the LORD your God charged me to teach you to observe in the land that you are about to cross into and occupy,

2 Corinthians 5:17 So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!

Way In

What has given you life this summer? filled you?

reflect on what ppl said earlier today

Worship at Tawawa Park today

time for

hobbies, travel, family

show my “shares”; map, book, music, etc. as examples of what I did this summer

ask cong. to tell about theirs

different pace of life. slower?

maybe because of the heat

little more laid back

As you know, all that’s about to change (signs that summer’s over)

school busses are rolling

pool is closed

temperature is falling (some days)

ac not running on “high” just to keep the car bearable inside

it’s worship in the park!

back to 10:30

Tell The Story


preparing to enter

how to thrive and live in the land

2 Corinthians

new creation

re-created — made new, renewed

So What?

Value of re-creation


spiritual renewal

a new creation in Jesus Christ

physical renewal

rested, ready for the next big thing

there’s something different about the way we feel

called as disciples

to do good

not just because it’s the right thing to do

or it makes us feel good about ourselves

but it’s our response to God’s call

“your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”

sharing what we have

living in community

Awareness of re-entry

in Deut. God is preparing the Israelites for entry into Canaan

“the land of promise”

place they have been travelling to for 40 years (wandering)

reminding them of the statues and ordinances (Law of Moses)

so they will live long in the land

Aware today of our location

in the beauty of God’s creation

this beautiful spot outdoors

not our usual Sunday meeting place

good to get away, something different

continue summer’s renewal, recreation

prepare for our re-entry into the church building next Sunday

back to our usual setting

but we have the opportunity to experience renewal

like reading a familiar Bible verse as if for the first time

i.e. The Lord’s Prayer

Notice our re-entry into the church next week as if the 1st time

what’s it like, what do we notice?

what do we appreciate about our heritage, our traditions?

Is there something different we want to do?

what does re-entry teach us about things we take for granted?

But that’s next week

something for us to think about

for today let us take a chance to appreciate

the beauty of God’s creation

the warmth of good fellowship

the deliciousness of good food

and how good it is to worship, sing and pray together

free-style here about re-creation, re-newal, new beginnings, etc.

So may it be, Amen

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2 Corinthians 5:6-17

“Walk by Faith”



1.  Way In

In-Town Mission Trip this past week

Participants from Sidney and Piqua
















Sidney:  Sarah, Rick, Katie, and Blake Steenrod

Mandy Milligan, Maria Theresa, Joan Reineke, Jerry Kauffman, Lyle Drew

Ann Hagen, Dale Barr, Kay Miller, Tom & Polly Watkins

Local mission experience

Jesus’ commissioned the disciples

you are my witnesses

you have seen the mission of the Body of Christ

healing, reconciliation, hospitality, proclaiming the good news

now, go and do as I have done, and as I have taught you

begin in Jerusalem (where you are)

then go into all the world

and we heard Jesus’ call

that we, too, are witnesses

to the same ministry the disciples witnessed

and we are called to go, and do as Jesus has done

and as he has taught us

so we go and do the mission of Jesus Christ

not a mission of pity

to take God someplace where we think God must not already be

to work on behalf of the poor to make ourselves feel better

not to go and fix something –

because we’re smart

because hard work always pays off

this is a mission, a ministry of presence, of hospitality

in some cases, we did go and work

to free up the other/regular volunteers

so they could do something else

or take a much needed break

This church has a tradition of Mission

we have faithfully supported local ministries

with our benevolences, and with our presence

Central School, Alpha Center, Compassionate Care,

Jackson Towers, Dorothy Love, and more

we have done mission here – and we have reached farther,

 in the same ways

through our presbytery

at Kirkmont, and other regional ministries

we have reached farther

on a mission trip to Mexico

and among our members who have travelled to Colombia

maybe even more that I have yet to learn about

as I meet and discern with our mission committee

… supporting the mission and ministry of our partners

I am encouraged that our hands-on mission will continue to increase


through this hands-on ministry and mission we have to walk by faith

sometimes stepping way out – outside of our comfort zones

resting in Christ who has called us

and given us all we need to be his hands and feet for ministry – the mission of the church

2.  Tell the Story

Paul writes to remind trhe church at Corinth – and us

when we get too comfortable in our own body …

too dependent on creature comforts

too self-reliant, that we believe we can do it all

by our own wits, we can be the whole person God intended us to be

that is the time we tend to get away from the Lord

when we are physically able to walk –

when we can see our destination, or at least know how to get there

we can walk by sight

but that’s not enough

for we walk by faith

trusting in God, through Jesus Christ

for everything we need

remembering what Jesus teaches about how to walk

and how to live our lives as witnesses to and agents of

the reconciling and saving love of Jesus Christ

we know how Christ wants us to walk

and what the Lord requires (Micah 6:8)

do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with your God

and these are the ways that please him

and this is the new life

for if we are in Christ, we are a new creation

everything has become new

3.  So What?

So we have heard the call of Christ to “be my witnesses”

and this church has responded to that call

through the life and ministry of this family of faith

And as we continue our walk of faith

we know that we walk by faith

I don’t mean “walk by” as in, “walk right on by” (Burt Bacharach song as perf. by Dionne Warwick)

rather, we walk guided by faith

walk by faith

walk in faith

trusting in God to guide us

trusting in God to show us the way to walk

as a living reminder of the ministry  of ChristIMG_8604

as his hands and feet

I asked people on our mission trip to pay attention to where we went

sometimes we walked

but even when we drove

to be aware of where we were putting out bodies

… maybe not in neighborhoods where we usually walk

or even drive

and I asked them to look for Christ in the ones we were spending time with


When we walk by faith

Christ leads us on a journey to wholeness – towards building up the Body of Christ

our life on earth is meant to be shared

not pining away for the “sweet by and by”

but being co-creators with God8

of his kingdom on earth

a foretaste – a glimpse of life with Him

a foretaste of eternal life

where people are reconciled with God

through the ministry of Jesus Christ

by the power of the Holy Spirit

trusting in God’s steadfast love

and seeking Christ in the ones we meet

proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ

who came to save the world

and inviting others to join us

to taste and see that God is good

to come and seeIMG_8616

to seek and serve

to step out

and walk by faith

to the place of wholeness, reconciliation, and love

where Jesus leads us

and so may it be with us.  Amen


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